Boddam Kustom Form Alter Ego Leg Guards 18" CAT 3

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Kustom Form Alter Ego CAT 3

The Kustom Form V pro shin has several innovative and key performance features. The Pro V shin offers the widest legal stopping power with the most protective options available. The compression formed HDPESR plastic utilizes a progressive stepped ridging providing unmatched ball deflection and angulation. Boddam’s production uses only high molecular P-5100 virgin resins, providing the most strength and protective qualities possible. Our innovative energy protective platform (EPP), is found only on the Boddam Kustom Form shins. The suspension system allows the main body to float and protect independent of the plastic frame. Industry leading shin wrap liner is not only adjustable; it is removable, even replaceable. The pro mesh air cell construction creates a protective barrier and helps stabilize the leg. The ergonomic boot is optimized ensuring precise fit and maximum range of motion. Side plate protectors extend back over the leg providing complete protection and stabilize the leg to remain square to the shooter.

Technical Information:
•Constructed with 'EPP' energy protective platform
•Progressive vertical ridging provide plastic strength, superior ball deflection and stopping power
•Independent precision moulded knee layering re-directs and dissipates energy from entire knee joint
•Ergonomic leg design positions aligns with the body keeping you protected and square to the shooter
•Air suspension system allows independent action between body and main wall of plastic
•Pro mesh cellular shin liner ensures precise fit and adjustment and wash ability
•Beefed up side plates extend over leg providing complete leg coverage, stability and keeps leg square to the shooter













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